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We measure our lives by the weathering of our homes, the changing of the seasons, and the growth of our trees. When you notice problems with a tree that has shaded your home and fueled your family's growing imaginations for years, you may hesitate to choose a full tree removal.

Trust the arborists and technicians at Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service to help you make the decision to trim or remove your problematic tree.

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Most trees on residential and commercial properties stand in close proximity to buildings, utility lines, and parking lots.

You may need to remove or dramatically cut back a tree if it meets one of the following conditions:

  • Endangers people or personal property because of structural weaknesses, such as leaning or multiple trunks
  • Exhibits signs of degenerative or contagious plant diseases that could affect your landscaping
  • Has extensive storm damage or dead wood
  • Poses a threat to people or personal property because of growth patterns, including branches touching power lines and roots spreading near a foundation

Types of Tree Removal Services

Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service has offered expert tree services to residents throughout Washington since 1989. We give you the resources you need to protect and beautify your home, optimize your landscape, and maintain the strength of your trees.

To aid in these goals, we provide the following tree services:
  • Deadwood removal
  • Fire prevention through tree-related maintenance
  • Hazardous tree and tree limb removal
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Thinning and trimming
  • Topping
Whether your tree poses an immediate threat or simply needs assistance reaching its growth potential, depend on our practiced technicians to provide expert solutions.