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Trusted Tree Service in Everett, Mill Creek, Lynnwood and Mukilteo, WA

Removing Fallen Tree — Tree Removal in Everett, WA
Tree Removal
Trust the arborists and technicians at Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service to help you make the decision to trim or remove your problematic tree.
Arborist Trimming Tree — Tree Trimming in Everett, WA
Tree Trimming
Improve your natural curb appeal with tree trimming and removal from our full-service company in Everett, Washington.
Wood Shredder — Stump Grinding in Everett, WA
Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding and Root Removal is recommended to reduce insects and beautify your property.

Who We Are

Make your yard a welcoming retreat with tree service from our company in Everett, Washington. Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service offers a full line of tree trimming and maintenance work.

Trees make a huge impact on your landscape's visual appeal. Keep your green giants healthy and strong with prompt and friendly services from the professionals at Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service.
In business for more than 20 years, our full-service company handles all aspects of tree work, from limbing and chipping to removal and grinding. Equally important, we bring honesty, fairness, and integrity to every job. We are always candid and upfront, never hiding things from our clients. Count on us to perform each service to the best of our ability.
Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service Truck — Lumberjack in Everett, WA