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Tree Trimming in Mill Creek, WA

Trees are strong and resilient organisms. However, to be their healthiest, trees need regular care. One important aspect of that care is tree trimming. This task is best left to experienced professionals since taking too many or the wrong branches off your tree could seriously harm it.

That's why you should call Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service. We have nearly 30 years of experience trimming and topping trees and bushes in the Mill Creek, WA, area. Let us help preserve the health and beauty of your trees.
When Do You Need Tree Trimming Services?
Many situations call for tree trimming services. Here are just a few of the times you may want to call us:
  • When your tree has dead or diseased branches. Removing these branches allows your tree to expend its energy more effectively,resulting in a stronger and healthier tree.
  • When branches are hanging over your roof. Overhanging branches can create numerous problems for your roof. Fallen leaves can clog your gutters, shade can create conditions perfect for moss and mold growth, and branches may act as paths for termites.
  • After a storm has damaged your tree. Damaged branches pose a risk not only to the surrounding property but also to unsuspecting passers by. A branch could break and fall onto a fence, car, or person. Don't take chances; call an arborist.
If you have any of the problems listed above, give us a call. We have the experience needed to determine which branches should be removed from your bushes and trees.
Have More Questions? We Have Answers
Want to know when the best time to trim your trees is? Or are you unsure whether a branch is at risk of breaking and damaging your property?You can find out the answers to these and any other questions by calling 425-353-3140. Contact us today for service in Everett, Lynnwood,Mukilteo, and Mill Creek, WA.